I’m Susan and I heart food. At Susan Eats the World, you’ll find recipes created by me, cookbook reviews, chef profiles, food trend observations, and more food-related writing and photography.

While I love eating all kinds of food, my favorite cuisines are that of my heritage — Thai and Italian food. I’m more connected to my Thai side because I lived there as a kid and speak the language, so you’ll find more of that around here.

When I worked as a reporter, I had a busy schedule with lots of overtime hours, and I stopped cooking for awhile, subsisting on Red Bull and microwaveable Hot Pockets. These days, I’ve altered my lifestyle and I now make time to cook.

I plan to chronicle all of my food adventures here for your enjoyment. If you’d like to contact me, shoot an email to susaneatstheworld@gmail.com.

P.S. I was once a vegetarian for five years. When I went back to eating meat, I ate double meat to make up for lost times. Oh, the mistakes of my youth…


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